service levels

Professional Security Service Levels:

Invigiliz offers packages to provide physical, electronic, and lifestyle security to our clients.

The most popular are detailed below, but we can customize a solution to meet any requirement.

  • Silver Service Level -
    Distract and Protect

    An on-call stand-in duplicate, surgically altered to be identical in every way, who makes public appearances and even takes a bullet for you with the in-laws at family gatherings. Stand-in pets also available.

  • Gold Service Level -
    Divide and Confuse

    Several decoy teams live an exact replica of your entire family's life in up to five locations around the world, leaving attackers with no way to determine the correct targets for their schemes.

  • Platinum Level -
    Discourage and Deter

    We make your life appear terrible on the surface, deflecting attention from you to more rewarding targets. Are your neighbours really deadbeats... or are they living the Invigiliz Platinum life?

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Our Strong Points

Worldwide teams, ready to deploy.

With seven offices at strategic locations spread across the planetary disc, we have the resources to stage operations and their associated coverups at any scale necessary. The fact that you've never heard of us before is the best proof of our success.

Government certification.

We have certified governments in 53 countries, and are currently instigating regime change in several others. We can certify your government too - join the club today.

Specialist knowledge, specialist skills.

The long hisstory of our organisation has allowed us to develop many proprietary techniques, unknown to our competitors. Combined with the statistically unlikely lifespan of our employees, our success is . . . inevitable.