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Invigiliz is a proven full-service security firm, operating in many major cities across the world.

Each Personalized Invigiliz Security Screening takes account of your unique circumstances and leverages our extensive knowledge of current security vulnerabilities, penetration techniques and software development best practices to enable customers to secure their assets against ever-present threats.


In today's rapidly evolving security landscape, attackers are working hard to breach your digital and physical defences. To stay ahead, our agents must work harder.


We draw our agent-candidates from top schools, and recruit from among proven ex-government and private sector talent to guarantee our resources are better.


Keeping ahead of current events and acting on intelligence to prevent inverse asset retention outcomes requires a team that is faster.


Our agents are trained in a wide range of digital, physical, and pre-emptive defence techniques to ensure your protection is stronger.

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Security Services For a Global Clientele

Expert Witnesses

Expertly trained to recall any detail you need and none you don't.

Litigation Support

Thorough and utterly invasive competitor research.

Ethics Training

Identify and exploit the existence of ethics in others.

Crisis Management

Generating and/or resolving crises for every purpose.

Premises Protection

Who better to defend you against people like us than us?

Litigation Avoidance

A range of methods for untraceable evidence destruction.

our team

Professional, Independent Security Consultants

Albert Jubisha

Trained in cyber-security, electronic warfare, and dark web operational techniques.

July Summers

A financial specialist, versed in forensic accounting and defensive audit preparation.

Abram Abrams

Physical security design and implementation, including vaults, bunkers, and deathtraps.

Michaela Solty

Reputational protection, social crisis management, and if necessary, cleaning services.

*Not their real names. Not their real faces. Our professionals keep their identities secure.

our clients

We assist them all

Whether they know it or not.